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Thierry Larose

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A Thierry Larose concert is a generous, inclusive, and inspiring affair whose only flaw is actually a bonus: there is no fourth wall. His moving, tempered songs, fuelled by soaring rock crescendos, are at once touching and exuberant. It’s pop music for the youth who want to experience emotions that are as new as they are necessary. With the help of CAO (Blesse, Zen Bamboo) on drums, Alexandre Martel (Anatole, Apophis) on guitar, Sam Beaulé (Gazoline) on bass and Lou-Adriane Cassidy (also a solo artist) on guitar and backup vocals, he has performed in sweaty clubs off the beaten path as well as at Club Soda, filled with fans eager to share some special moments together. In a live setting, the band adds a dramatic arc to the songs while unleashing carefully crafted crescendos. The crowd is always invited to sing along, of course, since, as we said, there is no fourth wall. Every performance is unique. Thierry Larose is a charming man, and his only wish is a humble one, which is that everyone feels like something, however small, has changed as they step out of the venue after the show.

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