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We Are Sunshine

The Blaze Velluto Collection

Saint-Adolphe d'Howard, QC Festival Focus

On stage, Blaze Velluto is backed by Little Miss Roy (vocals), Sheenah Ko (keyboards, percussion and vocals), Guillaume Chiasson (bass and vocals), and Jean-Étienne Collin-Marcoux (drums and vocals). The band’s music is always shared in a spirit of community. Their cinematic sound combines mesmerizingly reverberant guitars, richly colourful percussion, otherworldly backing vocals, and feisty flights of organ. Strings are also known to enhance the music’s inherent lyricism and exhilarating moments. Blaze Velluto has travelled through Québec (Pop Montréal, Le Festif!, FME), Ontario (Canadian Music Week, River and Sky) and the Maritimes (Halifax Pop Explosion) for his career, and everywhere else for his personal growth. Him and his bandmates share their travel stories, their lively tales and their trippy memories through a soundtrack evocative of wide-open spaces and the canon of 60s pop. Their timeless, country-infused songs are as immersive as they are engaging. “I don’t have a favourite fruit; they’re all good as long as they’re ripe,” summarizes the artist.

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