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Fleur de l'Âge

Mon Doux Saigneur

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Cowansville, QC Espace Diffusion

Grounded, yet immersive. Surprisingly comforting. A contemplative, even celebratory liberation from the losses and hurdles of life. Mon Doux Saigneur’s live show is all that and so much more. Edgy, electric tones and raw, yet sensitive lyrics shape the group’s free-flowing songs, which combine unabashed rock grooves, Malian blues, country twang, and a lo-fi folk aesthetic. Comprised of Emerik St-Cyr Labbé, David Marchand, Étienne Dupré, Eliott Durocher, and Mandela Coupal, the band is a bona fide vehicle for impromptu grooves and point-blank brose. Together, they have crafted a musical universe with an intuitive, evolving language and unique atmospheres. Who knows where they will take us next… perhaps a Japanese gangster lounge? In any case, it will be a shining moment.

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