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La mort des étoiles

Les sœurs Boulay

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with James Forest

Trois-Rivières, QC Scène Loto-Québec


After a year that was supposed to be a sabbatical, but instead was one of great accomplishments (a baby for Mélanie, a solo album and a book for Stéphanie), Les sœurs Boulay are back on the scene, sharing the same spotlight for a concert tour they are preparing in support of their third album. For this concert—the most elaborate one of their career—they join forces with their long-standing stage partner, the phenomenal Gabriel Gratton, and with the inventive and emotionally moving drummer Francis Mineau. Their music will unfold in a groundbreaking and unique staging that is dark, ethereal, yet pierced by cracks of light. This time around, the stage will offer them a space to say more, to talk about the state of the world, to get to the bottom of issues that are not always simple. There is awkwardness, friendliness, and laughter, of course, but it is a forced laugh at times. We momentarily discard navel-gazing. We venture beyond the duo’s previously trodden paths and look towards the future, or rather towards the sky. Yet we never discard the tenderness, the excitement and the clarity, which have become trademarks of Les sœurs Boulay. There is a return to that ease with which they just tell it like it is. That ease with which they abandon themselves to the stage, to the present moment and the unique opportunity it represents, the sharing that it allows. Les sœurs Boulay take us by the hand and guide us according to their whim; at times leading us into dense and heavy territory, at other times inviting us to rest our weary hearts. Always, at the forefront, are those voices, united, devoid of all pretenses, but stronger and more confident than ever.

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