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Forever Is Now

Les Shirley

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Bonn, DE BLA

Les Shirley is pure energy. Drenched in early 2000’s pop culture, their sound is shaped by their punk rock teenage years and the women they became today, karaokeing their nights away to pop anthems. It's a symphony of raw power chords, raging riffs and wild vocal melodies that is never getting out of your head, guaranteed!

The synergy and complicity of the girls on stage are leading the path for an explosive cocktail. Ever since the release of their first EP in 2019, the band toured Quebec on many occasions and have shared the stage with acts such as The Beaches, Anti Queens, and Ten Foot Poles. In March 2020, they took part in the first all-female bill for CHOM’s Rock Room being one of the station's favorite act. The new show is gonna blow your head off, are you ready for the Shirley tornado?

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