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Gab Bouchard

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Sherbrooke, QC La Petite Boîte Noire

It starts slow; it ends in sweat. A show that takes the listener through all states of body and mind. Calm and captivating country-folk ballads progressively give way to energetic, pop-rock tunes, steadily escalating into a sweaty climax, with the amps turned up to eleven. And of course, the bar is where it really ends. After a festival tour in the summer of 2022 that ended with a packed Club Soda to bid farewell to his debut album Triste pareil, Gab Bouchard presents his brand new show, backed by a quartet of experienced musicians - Pierre-Olivier Gagnon (bass), Mathieu Quenneville (keyboards), Zachary Boileau (guitar) and Victor Tremblay-Desrosiers (drums). For a short series of events presented by the Evenko Foundation, Gab Bouchard invites renowned artists, resulting in encounters as unexpected as they are natural.

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