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Petite nature

Émile Bilodeau

Arvida, QC Arvida célèbre l'été

After three years of touring, Émile Bilodeau has developed a solid bond with bandmates Sarah Dion (drums), Simon Veillet (bass), and Nathan Vanheuverzwijn (keyboards), later joined by Miriam Pilette (guitar). The maturity Émile gained since the release of Rites de passage also provided a solid foundation for his musicians, who were involved in creating the album Grandeur mature. The singer-songwriter gave two wildly successful shows at Club Soda and also won over crowds at many festivals, including the Francos in Montreal, where he will return to give a headlining performance in the summer of 2019.

Émile’s new live concert will highlight the finely crafted guitar melodies in his latest material, not to mention his increasing penchant for a rock sound. Audiences will also be swept away by the music’s many ethereal moments. Moreover, the refined arrangements featured in Émile’s new songs will bring the live performance to a whole new level. The show is tightly put together and leaves nothing to chance, yet offers many surprises. Émile has built a strong reputation as a brilliant and charismatic performer. “My band and I are a war machine, but I prefer to call us merchants of happiness,” he says

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