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Thierry Larose


Marqué par la culture indépendante du tournant du millénaire, Thierry Larose développe une musique composite - une chanson sensible et élastique, tramant la littérature et sondant notre rapport à la fiction, propulsée par des élans rock vectoriels, et cherchant le lacrymal, le punctum et l’exaltation de la pop dans les marges. Suite au double-simple La vie ne vaut d’être vêtue / Cache-cou, il lance son premier album Cantalou en 2021 sous Bravo musique : s’ensuivent nominations au prix Polaris 2021, au prix Félix-Leclerc et comme Révélation de l’année et pour l’Album rock à l’ADISQ, parmi les « 50 Best Albums » d’Exclaim et #3 du Top 50 franco de CISM + «Les amants de Pompéi» primée au Prix de la chanson SOCAN, entre autres - tout en humilité et fulgurance. Et une suite est déjà en chantier : une célébration de ce qui nous éperonne et nous lie, comme une partie prenante d’une jeunesse qui veut vivre des émotions autant neuves que nécessaires et appropriées - sinon, à quoi ça sert.

Thierry Larose comes from Marieville, a hamlet in the Montérégie region, where he was influenced by the independent culture of the turn of the millennium. These seeds overlap on his personal Venn diagram, leading him to create music of a composite nature. He weaves literary references into his moving, tempered songs while probing our relationship to fiction. Fuelled by soaring rock crescendos, the music also has a pop sensibility that’s at once touching, punchy and exuberant. In short, it’s a nod to the youth who want to experience emotions that are as new as they are necessary and appropriate – otherwise, what’s the point? 

In 2019, Thierry Larose decided to devote himself entirely to music. He quickly released a double single, La vie ne vaut d’être vêtue / Cache-cou, which showcased his penchant for energetic intensity and attracted the attention of his future label. The following year, he unveiled the singles Les amants de Pompéi and L’île à 25 sous. Then, in early 2021, Cantalou, the title track from his first album, was finally released on March 12. This long gestation period, which lasted over a year, helped set up what proved to be a meteoric rise (through which Thierry remained humble and grateful because he is a good person). It started out with launches at Le National in Montreal and L’Impérial in Quebec City, followed by a spot on the long list of the 2021 Polaris prize (no small feat for a first French-language album) as well as nominations for the Félix-Leclerc award and Revelation of the Year and Best Rock Album at the ADISQ gala. Larose also won the SOCAN Songwriting Prize for Les amants de Pompéi, and several other highlights rounded out an exceptional year: Cantalou was included among the 50 Best Albums by the Canadian alternative media outlet Exclaim! (which, again, is rare for a French-language album) and found itself on several year-end lists in Quebec cultural media. The man has a lot on his plate! In early 2022, he reached over 1.5M+ plays on Spotify, took part in the Aquanaute 2022 tribute compilation, and filled Club Soda with fans eager to share some special moments together, which brought the album cycle to a close.

Yes, the first album cycle is already over, since the last year has flown by, and the next album is already in the works. Through it all, Larose has followed the same tenet, which is that despite everything that came before, you can create something new. It will be a celebration of everything that drives us and brings us together, scheduled for 2023, with the first single Des nœuds dans les doigts coming in May 2022. A double single, "Baleine et moi" and "Portrait d'une Marianne", was released in November 2022. In anticipation of Sprint!, Larose’s second career album due in March 2023, he unveils "Si tu comprends pas maintenant (tu comprendras peut-être jamais)".